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Strawberry patches grow in the plains biome semi-commonly. They have some coarse dirt mixed in, which means some of the strawberries only get to their flowering stage.


Vanilla patches are common in savannas, and the vanilla can be upright, sideways or hanging. Breaking vanilla without shears is a bad idea.


Cocoa beans are now a fair bit more useful. They make chocolate, a food source and uncanny building material.

White Strawberries

Growing Strawberries at a high altitude results in white strawberries, better food, but yield no pips, and can't be crafted into anything.


A picnic with some of the mod's food. Strawberries heal, chocolate makes you fast and then slow and vanilla stops you from receiving effects.

Storage Blocks

All the mod's raw food crops can be stored. Some things, like strawberry baskets and banana crates, are only available when quark is installed, however.


Banana plants can be found in jungles and beaches, putting the fronds on top of sand or gravel and having them exposed to the rain makes them grow into another banana plant. Bananas themselves allow you to climb all blocks when eaten.