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Natural Decor Mod


This is a Mod that adds new plants, blocks, and decorations for landscaping or outdoor builds and makes the biomes have a more lush feel to them.

(1.19 NOW HAS BIOMES !!! )

Many new plants including bushes, flowers, trees, succulents, pitcher plants, bonsai trees, and many other interesting plants

A few new biomes:  Botany Fields, Saguaro Desert, Shrubland, Marshland, and Wooded Basalt Hills

New saguaro and monkey puzzle woodsets  (plus outdoor iron set)

Many outdoor decorations including: decorative rocks, lawn flamingos, straw bedding, wind spinners, fountain blocks, topiaries, talavera,

Other kinds of decorations including paintings and particle blocks

Planter pots and hanging pots which can have plants placed in them

Mobs including Botany Beagle, Koi, Carp, Bluegill, and Chompers

New block types like : Pavement, wooden and iron tressle blocks,  rope net blocks, onyx,  outdoor iron, bamboo flooring, hedge blocks,

Barter with the Botany Beagle with Botany Biscuits to get loot for landscaping!

Link to My Project's Discord