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A lot of the blocks from Nature's Aura lined up in a big display

Nature's Aura is a mod about collecting, using and replenishing the Aura naturally present in the world to create useful devices and unique mechanics.

This mod requires Patchouli.

Below are a couple of pictures and animations showing some of the features that Nature's Aura has to offer. Of course, there is a lot more to discover than what is shown here!

The front page of the Book of Natural Aura

The Book of Natural Aura guides players through the mod and its mechanics, slowly revealing more information about the mod by unlocking Advancements.

To create this book, simply combine the following items in any shape. All other recipes required in the mod will then be visible within it.

The recipe for the Book of Natural Aura: Two pieces of paper, a piece of leather and a sapling

The Ritual of the Forest

The Ritual of the Forest is a way of creating magical items using the power of nature.

The Natural Altar creating Infused Iron

The Natural Altar collects Aura from the environment to use for the creation of new materials like Infused Iron.

The Furnace Heater powering a furnace smelting some stone

The Extraneous Firestarter is a way of using Aura to your benefit: It collects it from the world and powers a furnace without needing any fuel.

The Herbivorous Absorber consuming flowers around it to generate Aura

There are a lot of ways of creating Aura and feeding it back into the environment. Here, the Herbivorous Absorber is shown. Of course, Nature's Aura also adds means to automate procedures like this.

An excess of Aura in the environment causing plants to get growth spurts

Creating an excess amount of Aura in the environment can cause positive environmental effects to occur, like this Vegetational Increase.

Too little Aura causing grass and leaves to decay in the area

Of course, having too little Aura in an area has negative effects on the environment. Here, Natural Decay is occuring.

For an even better overview, you should check out Mischief of Mice's video series on the mod:

Feel free to report any issues and suggestions on the issue tracker.


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