Natural Absorption


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Felt like armor just isn't doing the job for you? Tried disabling your health regen, but just found it too unforgiving? Well, Natural Absorption will solve your everyday needs and even do your laundry for you! (Disclaimer: does not do your laundry.)

This small mod gives you permanent absorption health that regenerates over time. The yellow absorption hearts are not a potion effect, and will therefore stack with the absorption potion effect! In addition, it adds a new enchantment you can get on your armor to increase your max absorption health! You can even replace armor's reduction entirely with absorption (disabled by default).

To spice things up, Natural Absorption also makes the "health regen" default game rule default to false for newly created worlds. In its infinite grace, it allows you to regenerate to a limited number of hearts, and grants a small amount of health from eating to take the place of traditional regeneration.


There are properties files that allow you to change or disable just about everything in the mod. The properties files are generated in the 'config/FatherToast/naturalabsorption/' folder in your installation instance directory.


Native support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Please submit a GitHub issue if you spot any translations that need improvement!



Feature List:

* - Natural
* - Regeneration to max

* - Disable vanilla regen
* - Regeneration to limit
* - Eating heals
* - Adds food info to tooltip

* - Book of Absorption
* - Absorption Absorbing Book

* - Absorption

* - Book of Absorption added to dungeon loot

* - Render empty hearts to show max absorption

Secret features
* - The Almighty Cactus God

* - Enchantment Descriptions
* - Tinkers Construct


Default-disabled features
* - Armor replacement