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Filename Nameless Trinkets-1.16.5-1.1.0-Beta.jar
Uploaded by Cozary
Uploaded Dec 2, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
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MD5 2832bbab078b6ffbd2b1bc220a338768
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Since I am about to finish the version, I upload a Beta so that you can try everything new that is added.

Notice that it may be unstable, especially in multiplayer because it has not been tested.


This is a great time to indicate if you think something needs to be changed, so say so on Discord.


Almost everything that is added (not everything for that is a beta, even the changelog is incomplete haha):

-Tear Of The Sea: + ????% Swim Speed.
-Gills: Infinite water breathing. Out of the water you drown after a while and it gives you blindness.
-Amphibious hands: mine faster underwater
-True Heart Of The Sea: the above but better
-Moon Stone: Moon Gravity
-Lucky Horseshoe: Horse jump / speed +, regen to horses.
-Sleeping Pills: Phantoms get "scared" 2 blocks close. Night vision.
-Stable Crown: old Cracked Crown.

-Now there is a configuration for the items!
-In the configuration you can modify the Stats of the Trinkets and the Loot Tables!
-Items now have a Tier List. This defines the difficulty of the recipes. And also the appearance rate!
-Now the items have crafting.

-Cracked Crown: now it is weaker. It can be fixed.
-Lucky Rock: 10% ----> 5% to obtain something.
-% Item Spawn Rate adjusted.

-These trinkets have a new texture: What? Magnet, Lucky Rock, Experience Battery, Wooden Stick and Broken Magnet.
-Some items have some particles now!

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