A fun collection of storage based items centered around books, while maintaining the vanilla experience.

The only requirement is fabric and MidnightLib!


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Current Books:


Book of Storage: Can hold 25 stacks(configurable) of a single block. Shift + Right Click to set the desired block and the book will automatically pick them up for you. Right click with book to place stored blocks. Can also blacklist blocks from the config.

Book of Storage Recipe


Book of Fluid: Can hold 10 buckets(configurable) of a fluid. Can also place stored fluid.

book of fluid


Book of Saturation: Can hold 1 stack(configurable) of food. Will consume stored food for you. Cool down between eating is 10 seconds(configurable)

book of fluid


Book of Magnetism: A filtered item magnet. You can set its filter by Shift + Right Clicking an item on the ground. You can clear its filters by Shift + Right Clicking a Coal Block.

book of fluid


Empty Villager Book: Can hold 1 villager. Allows you to set the profession of the villager by Shift + Right Clicking a profession block. Use the block to trade with the villager.

Book of Storage Recipe


Baby Villager Book: Use 2 Villager books with an empty villager book in the middle to craft a Baby Villager Book. Grows up over 20minutes into an adult book.

Book of Storage Recipe



Current Blocks:


Library: Will hold 5 storage books.Can hopper contents on books out of this block.

Librabry Recipe


Future Plans:


- Unification of all books into a single accessible inventory.



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Can I use this in my modpack?

Please do! Let me know if you do and I will download it and play :)