Mystical Biomes is designed to be a light-weight addition to the family of Mystical World descendant mods, Mystical Powers (focusing on Forge Energy-providing and -consuming devices) and Mystical Machinery (focusing on machines with more of a Vanilla feel). Using the blocks added by Mystical World, it introduces two new biomes!


Sprout Forest

This lush green forest with beautiful lakes and river vistas is home to copious amounts of sprouts! Wild aubergine, flowers, melons and pumpkins grow in patches throughout, with oak trees (large and small) and towering red mushrooms! You might even find an abandoned mushroom house along the way!

Coming soon (hopefully): Mushroom village!

Petrified Wastes

This desolate wasteland was once filled with life, but now only dried lake-beds of dead coral and the petrified stonepetals give any hint of that. With towering spires of soft and cobble stone that grow denser as you get closer to the center, it is the perfect place to forage for surface ores. Fossils scatter the surface, along with large boulders that sometimes contain ore.

Stonepetal can be used to create gray dye, but also used to brew a Potion of Leaping. Walking through them gives you the Jump Boost effect for a short period of time.

Dynamic Trees

With the Dynamic Trees - Mystical Biomes add-on, you can now get Dynamic Trees in Mystical Biomes!

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