Mystical Agriculture

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Filename mysticalagriculture-1.2.0a.jar
Uploaded by BlakeBr0
Uploaded Aug 31, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
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MD5 1b92302d0ed64974a920d81df183eda6
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Release 1.2.0


  • Added new crop textures, thanks xun468 for making them!
  • Added Mekanism Support: Osmium and Refined Obsidian crops
  • Mob Chunks are now obtained by killing mobs with a Soulium Dagger
  • Increased the drop chance of mob chunks
  • You can now configure the outputs of all essence recipes via the mysticalagriculture_recipes.cfg file!
  • Balanced a bunch of essence recipes, changed some as well. Probably the last time I'll do this
  • You can now configure seed tiers to your liking via the config file! Changing the tier changes the recipe of the seed to require the corresponding crafting seed and essence