Mystic World

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Mystical World is the a mod designed to make your world a bit more mystical. This mod is light weight, adding only small features to really keep a magical, but vanilla++ vibe. Mods such as Roots 3 will require this mod as it adds necessary components for it to function (primarily, the mobs).


Currently, the mod adds:

  • Foxes! They spawn in forests, plains, and wintry areas! They drop their pelts, which can be crafted into leather. But why would you do that? They are so cute and will even snuggle with you!
  • Beetles! They spawn in swamps, jungles, plains, and forests! They drop slimeballs, and occasionally their shells, which can be ground into blue dye!
  • Frogs! They spawn in swamps and jungles, and drop slimeballs, and hop around a lot!
  • Deer! They spawn all over the place, and drop mutton and leather!
  • Copper! Including tools (and knife for Roots 3). This is about as good as iron.
  • Silver! Including tools (and knife for Roots 3). This is about as good as gold.
  • Amethyst! Including tools (and knife for Roots3). This is about as good as diamond.
  • Aubergines and various delicacies to enjoy with them.
  • ...and most importantly... SPROUTS!

There is plenty more planned for the future, including a few small mechanics to make your Minecraft world a bit more mystical. 

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