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Uploaded Aug 6, 2019
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This is a very extension update, hence the change in version number to 1.4.

- We now look for Strongholds, Villages and Mansion structures in the chunk before generating structures. Additionally, structure generation will never happen where structure generation is disabled (i.e., superflat worlds).

- We now check specifically for a valid amount of grass & dirt underneath before placing Barrow and Hut structures. This should resolve compatibility issues with Lost Cities.

- Aubergines have been moved from Roots into Mystical World.

- There are now Aubergine Sprouts!

- Squids now drop raw squid tentacles which can be cooked into calamari and combined to make a truly epic meal of Epic Squid.

- There are now wet mud blocks, which can be dried out and crafted into bricks. They can be dried by placing them in world and waiting, or through a furnace. Dried mud blocks & bricks can be crafted into a variety of decorative & functional blocks.

- There is now a Patchouli-based Guide Book for Mystic World! You can obtain it by crafting a book with an aubergine.

- There is now charred, burned wood and the equivalent planks. Those planks can be crafted into all the usual decorative & functional blocks.

- Charred trees (struck by lightning or burned by fire) now spawn naturally in the world.

- Sprouts now have new sounds!

- Endermini are a new creature that spawn in the end. They are a smaller, less hostile but no-less scream-y creature that will stalk you extensively if you look too closely at them. They drop unripe pearls, which can be crafted (3x3) to make an ender pearl.

- There are now proper ore dictionary entries for charred wood.

- Foxes now attack rabbits in addition to chickens.

- Baby foxes created from a tamed parent will also be tamed to the owner of that parent.

- Foxes now breed & are tempted with apples rather than raw chicken.

- Frogs, like chickens, will occasionally plop out some of their excess bile in the form of a slime ball.

- Copper ore now requires stone-level tools instead of iron-level tools.

- Amethyst blocks and copper & silver blocks can now be used as beacon bases.

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