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Mystical prehistory

This is my first mod.

Add to your world fantastic prehistoric and mythical creatures, most of them tameable and mountable

Some of the entities you will find are dinosaurs and others are prehistoric animals, you will also find mythological creatures.

(I plan to add more creatures in future updates)


Creature list:


- Version 1.0.0


  • Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Raptor
  • Triceratops
  • Argentavis
  • Gargantuan leviathan
  • Ferox
  • Wolf
  • Sabertooth


- Flyers and attacks update Version 1.1.0


  • Phoenix
  • Owl
  • Dodo


Each of these creatures is tameable (except the Gargantuan leviathan - sea creature and hostile)

if you use shift + right click you can access the entity's inventory - used to transport your items like a backpack.


To tame them you must face them until you defeat them and they fall asleep, then you will need a craftable mount
(recipe is in the following image), with the mount in your hand you must left click on the wounded creature and you must tame it by feeding it with its corresponding food

(Due to configuration problems when feeding it, you mount it on it, you must get off and feed again until that hearts are generated that indicate that you are already the owner of the entity)

(For ferox you must left click with elemental sugar in hand to transform it - recipe is in the following image)


 By ALe9620LN



Note: Do not hit other entities with the saddle in your hand, as it will break and disappear.


Food they drop when they die:


By ALe9620LN

By ALe9620LN

When you eat it, drop a bone. 

Description of creatures


Tyrannosaurus rex:

It is found in savannah and forest biomes, it is fed and domesticated with all kinds of raw meat. (It usually attacks cows.), (follows you if you have dinosaur meat in your hand).

TrexBy ALe96

By ALe9620LN



You find it in desert biomes, redwood taiga, is fed and domesticated with all kinds of raw meat, They are usually in a herd or pair (It usually attacks pigs), (follows you if you have dinosaur meat in your hand).


By ALe9620LN




You find it in forest biomes and taiga, They feed and domesticate with apples, potatoes, sugar cane, wheat, watermelon, carrot, (follows you if you carry sugar cane in your hand).

by ALe9620



You find it in mountain biomes, they are usually in the heights, is fed and domesticated with all kinds of raw meat, (Press 'V' key to go down), They usually attack cats and sabers, (follows you if you have dinosaur meat in your hand).

By ALe96


Gargantuan leviathan;

It is the only sea creature at the moment, It is not tamable, it is aggressive and it is found in the oceans, it is recommended to obtain dinosaur meat from these creatures since they drop this type of meat when they die.

by ALe96



Cute little creature that when hit transforms into a beast, found in jungle biomes and cold biomes, you must beat the big beast to tame, is fed and tamed with all kinds of golden foods, it transforms with elemental sugar (left click with elemental sugar in hand)The little ferox follows you if you feed it any kind of plant food until hearts spawn. Ark game inspired creature.

By ALe96 By ALe96



You find it in cold and snowy biomes, is fed and domesticated with all kinds of raw meat, usually hunt sheep, (follows you if you have mutton in hand).

By ALe96



You find it in desert, savannah and mountain biomes, you can jump from great heights when riding it, is fed and domesticated with any type of raw meat, (it will follow you if you have raw chicken on hand)

By ALe96



It is found in the heights of the mountains, it is tamed with any kind of raw meat. (press the R key to attack from a distance).

by ALe9620LN



You find it in cold and snowy biomes, It is tamed with any type of raw meat. (press the R key to attack from a distance).

By ALe9620LN



You find it in most biomes, It cannot be mounted, but if you can tame it with any type of vegetable and seeds, it will follow you and defend you by throwing feathers.

By ALe9620LN



Update 1.1.0: Now the entities follow you, you must tie them with a rein to a fence so that they stop following you, If you press the R key while riding a creature, you can activate its attack. (The sabertooth can break blocks, to do this approach the block and press the R key.)

Now you can easily make lead, you must break the leaves of the trees to get slime, with 9 slime you can craft slime balls.

By ALe9620LN

You can use this in your modpack, just make sure you give credit. If possible, please link to this forum post.


- Textures and models created by ALe96LN

- sound edited by ALe96LN


Preview and mini tutorial: