Last Updated: Apr 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Sep 30, 2014

Owner: XCompWiz

[Compat] Matches Minecraft's feature locater handling for nether fortresses ("Fortress")

[Admin] Adds button to link modifier block to mark age as "dead" for recycling

(Thanks to HellFirePvP for the below fixes and improvements)
[Bugfix] Fixes Intra-Linking-Only not functioning at all
[Bugfix] Explosions occasionally crashing on dedicated servers
[Bugfix] Fixes Player-permissions being lost after teleporting using Mystcraft
[Bugfix] Fixes the dynamic book container not accounting container changes due to environmental changes
[Bugfix] Fixes advanced lake generator wrongly checking for blocks
[Bugfix] Fixes crystal formations not spawning
[Bugfix] Fixes broken "End" Terrain rule
[Bugfix] Fixes tooltips on writingdesk displaying minecraft:air for empty slots
[Bugfix] Fixes page tooltips on the bookbinder not showing up at all
[Bugfix] Fixes mystcraft archivist villagers not being acted upon with items on sneaking

[Performance] Auto-blacklist gaseous fluids from generating as fluids
[Performance] Improve generation performance on Skylands-Terrain worlds

[Compat] Require more recent Forge version to prevent certain issues

[API] Added IPrimerFilters to ITerrainAlteration to filter the ChunkPrimer during terrain generation