The Mod is being remade (1.20.1) and I'm getting closer to the release each days, I'm working alone, so please be patient!


Welcome to the Mine Hero RX Mod Page!

- A mod that aims to integrate Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia universe with content from the anime, games, oavs and movies in a Minecraft mod, which will also be designed as a Solo/Multiplayer RPG experience!


The Discord Server:

- Join the community to chat with others, ask for help, find a group to play with or find the official servers that will be opening soon, see the teaser before the youtube channel! https://discord.gg/vvFA2yeb24


The Youtube Channel:

- You'll soon be able to find tutorials, teasers, trailers and more on the Youtube channel!



Support Me!:

Hello, I'm currently unable to find a job so I've set about developing a My Hero Academia mod for Minecraft, firstly because I love My Hero Academia and want to share the love I have for this license. I'm trying to produce a high-quality mod (I'm doing my best) and I want to do it for the long term, so please consider supporting me if you like what I'm cooking, it would really help me financially!

The MHRX: Mod Development/Staff team (1.12.2 1.15.2 and 1.20+ Versions):

R3TR0/r3tr0st - Founder, Coder, Modeler
ImNotHURAGAN - VFX (Since 1.20+ Versions)

The Old MHA: Mod Development/Staff team (1.16.5 Versions):

- Former Main Coder (Without him there will never have been the 1.16.5 versions)

Rap/rappe2105 - Former Modeler

Megabee/megabee_ - Former Modeler

And we thanks every other staffs and testers that helped us in the process.