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Filename mxtune-1.12.2-0.7.0-beta.5.jar
Uploaded by Aeronica
Uploaded Jun 11, 2019
Game Version Forge
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Java 8
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2019-06-11 mxtune-1.12.2-0.7.0-beta.5


  • GitHub #1: Crash when Mechanical User tries to trade with Player Corrected logic in the GroupManager EntityInteract event. If this does not solve the issue, then I also added a General Config Option "Disable JAM Party Right Click" to prevent the event from firing. This also disables the JAM/Party management gui that is tied by default to the "J" key-bind. This disables multi-player music.



  • Added client side config options to disable vanilla background music. See 

  • Added more General Midi instruments to the sound font to support both upcoming changes and work in progress.

  • The "Music Paper" gui for pasting MML has some new features. It can now import 3MLE .mml files. A Huge Thank You to たんらる ( for allowing me to use the 3MLE reader code from fourthline/mmlTools. If the .mml file contains multiple instrument parts, i.e. 2-n person JAMS then it will attempt create a tab for each part. Ideally the Tracks Groups features was used when configuring the tracks in 3MLE. In addition is can also import Maple Story 2 .ms2mml and .zip (zipped ms2mml multi-part tunes) see:
  • The gui allows saving the MML pastes and imports to a new file format used by mxTune with the extension .mxt. These files are stored on the client. The location of the import and save folders can be found by using the "Import" and "Open" buttons, then using the "Open Folder" button on file selector gui's. The actual location is relative to the instance of the minecraft run folder: e.g.
    • %appdata%/.minecraft/mxtune/import
    • <mc run folder>/mxtune/library
  • If you make a lots of .mxt files you will probably want to back them up for re-use.
  • Making sheet music for JAMS is now easier than ever! The new gui will create a piece of sheet music for each part/instrument when you click the *Write* button.
  • The gui supports up to 10 parts/instruments. One per tab. Each part can have up to 10 tracks: Melody + 9 chord lines.
  • The big MML paste box is gone. There are now two buttons. One for pasting the clipboard contents into the part, and the other to copy the part to the clipboard. Just the basics. The MML now shows up with each track in it's own text box. There can be up to 10 tracks. Melody + 9 chord.
  • Please note this is new and somewhat experimental. It is intended to make importing MML info mxTune easier. It is
    not intended for use as a MML editor. Use 3MLE or other tools for that please.


  • The "Title" becomes the filename when you save.
  • You can't save if the title is empty!
  • You can't save/play invalid MML you will have to fix it.
  • The parse error list remains a "feature" for now until I rewrite the MML parser. The parser has been improved but will still find plenty of tunes with stupid MML like tied rests (Face palm), missing arguments etc. Clicking or double clicking on the error will place the cursor near the error in the track.

New Experimental Super Secret Stuff: (MML based Background Music)

  • A new item called the "Staff of Music". Read the item hoover text. When in the Play list Manager gui hold down the SHIFT key and mouse over the list boxes for more help. I'm not going to write more about using it here. If you are curious DM "Aeronica / Rymor#6970" on the following Discord servers.
  • A new command "/mxTuneServerUpdateAllowed <player name> <true|false>" that enables the "Staff of Music" to:
    • Upload mxt files to the server "Manage Music" and
    • Create play lists and apply them to either the WORLD (Dimension), or a CHUNK
  • A new item called "Gui Test" - opens an client side mxt file manager. Similar to the new "Sheet Music" gui. It is what it is, just an item use to open that gui for testing.

  • To hear it in use (When the 1.12.2 demo server is up) visit Faerun Heroes - MMORPG

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