Mutant Beasts

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Filename MutantBeasts-1.12.2-1.0.0.jar
Uploaded by Chumbanotz
Uploaded Aug 23, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.17 MB
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MD5 eb0436a618583d15bf9ced6b523788c6
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- Mutant Snow Golems can be right-clicked to follow you as it was supposed to. The name tag above its head with your username will be italic so you know that it's not really its name. A death message will be sent to player that owns the golem when it dies.
- Wearing a mutant skeleton chestplate will increase a bow's drawback speed, as it was meant to
- Mutant Creepers flash white and hiss like a normal creeper when doing their jump-explosion attack
- Creeper Minions drop 0 - 1 gunpowder
- Tamed creeper minions will send a death message when it explodes and can only do it once
- Multiple creeper minion eggs can be stacked on a player's head like they could before
- Fixed the particles created when teleporting with an endersoul hand not appearing when teleporting a long distance
- Replaced the config option 'dimensionBlacklist' with a biome whitelist, which only allows vanilla biomes by default for mutants to spawn in, you'll need to delete your current mutantbeasts.cfg
- Fixed the animations of mutants not playing for a player that respawns or reloads the world
- Fixed the mutant snow golem's 'swim jump' ability not working as it should have been
- Fixed mutant creepers being able to clip through solid blocks while dying
- Fixed mutant creeper's ability to summon lightning not showing the lightning
- Fixed the mutant skeleton skull armor only facing south on an armor stand
- Some changes to how the mutant zombie dies. If it's on fire it will not be able to get up unless it is already getting up, which gives you more time to light it on fire. If not killed with fire, it will create the usual cloud-like particles on death, and will use the flame particles only if killed with fire. When it has no more lives left and is dying it will stay red in color as most mobs do while dying.