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Mutant Beasts brings back the popular Mutant Creatures mod to modern Minecraft, after four years without an update.

Note that I am not the original creator; all credits for the content made goes to shcott21/thehippomaster21

I have contacted the author privately to ask for permission to create this port, but the author has yet to respond, meaning I don't have official permission.

The original mod required another mod to work, which was called AnimationAPI, that is also the work of the Mutant Creatures creator, but is not needed for this mod.

Below are links to the CurseForge page of the original as well as the Minecraft Fourm page. The fourm page contains most of the information you will need to know about this mod. It is also where I got the logo for this project and for the in-game logo on the mods screen, and the credit for those goes to their respective creators

Requires Minecraft Forge

 How to create Chemical X

Creating a Spider-Pig

Taming a Spider-Pig


Mutant Creatures Mod

Minecraft Forum:

Mutant Creatures - Spider Pig, Spider Pig [v1.4.9]