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In this mod, you can change the duration between two musics in the mod config. You also can skip a music, play again previous ones, pause/resume a music, loop over a music and change the music volume with keybinds.

You may also change music category.
- default: Minecraft default behavior, playing a music depending on sound events like biomes or under water
- disc: Minecraft music discs, also detecting custom discs from mods
- all: any music playable in Minecraft, including resource packs and mods' ones
- something_else: for each mod and resource pack adding custom music to the game, there will be a new category created with their own music

Last and not least, you can completely customize which music plays when. In the new music panel, you can select any music or sound event to play it. But you can also configure for each music, in which sound events it can be played, or for each sound event, what music it can play. Once again, this includes any custom music/sound event added to the game.
For your comfort, filters were added to navigate easily on the menu. Just fill in the text area to filter music/events containing what you typed in their name. More details below.
For more customization, I added new sound events for each biomes in the game. Note that if a sound event is empty, the GAME sound event will be played instead. However, in the configs, you can disable this so that some biomes without music set will never play music to create a creepy atmosphere.
Fun bonus: music discs have their own sound event! This means you can add more than one music to a music disc, so it will play a random music when used.
For your changes to be effective, you need to save your configuration when you're done. This will create a custom resource pack for you that you need to make sure to select in your resource pack list.


 Music panel - Music configuration Music panel - Event configuration




- Music panel: Open the music panel. M key (beta version only!)

- Previous/next music: Play the previous/next music. LEFT/RIGHT ARROW keys 

- Volume up/down: Increase/Decrease music category volume. UP/DOWN ARROW keys

- Pause/resume music: Pause or resume music. RIGHT SHIFT key

- Previous/next music category: Change the current music category and play a music from this category. PAGE UP/DOWN keys

- Display music: Display the name of the music currently playing. RIGHT CTRL key
- Loop: Enable/Disable loop over the same music. unassigned key

Note that you can change the keybinds at any moment in Minecraft control options.





If you want Minecraft to play other custom musics, you can do this via resource packs. For this, nothing hard: just follow the instructions described there.

An example resourcepack can be found here.




- Do I need it on my server? No. This mod is client side so you shouldn't put it on your server!

- Can I include it in my modpack? Yes, you are free to include this mod into your modpack

- For any other things: Feel free to share your experience, problems (prefer the Issue link instead of Comment, but it's okay too), enhancement ideas... down in the comment section


Known issues


- Fixed on 1.6.1: On beta version, Minecraft loading time (actually resource pack loading time) is increased a lot

- Fixed on 1.6.1: Music in the end won't work anymore




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