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Welcome to Mushroom Quest! This mod's concept revolves around foraging for various real-world fungi while you set forth on an adventure to explore nature and live out your cottagecore fantasies. Hope you enjoy my first mod!


There are exactly 137 mushrooms you can forage for. Each mushroom is either common, rare or mythical rarity. All mushrooms are edible and most can give you either medicinal or deadly effects when eaten. Some mushroom can also be used in crafting recipes, as fuel, or to brew potions! You can find these mushrooms by breaking various natural blocks across the world. 

  • Oak Stumps are found in any biome populated by oak trees.
  • Birch Trunks are found in birch forests.
  • Field Trunks, and Shrumps are found in field biomes and forests.
  • Acacia Stumps are found in biomes containing acacia trees.
  • Jungle Trunks are found in tropical jungle biomes.

The Mycopedia is a book that contains information about all the mushrooms! It includes the fungi's: Edibility, Location, Rarity, and Usage.


This mod also adds some more life to the Mushroom Island biome! There are new plants, fungi, mobs, and structures! The versions older than 3.0 add a lot more features to the Mushroom Islands, but most of those have been removed in newer versions.

Funglings are small fungal creatures that take many different forms. All except for the Crimson and Warped variants can be found in the Mushroom Island biome. These creatures cannot be tamed currently, but they will follow you if you're holding a dead bush, or crimson/warped roots. These little pets are purely cosmetic, they do not provide any sort of support or abilities just yet.

Many different types of strange fungi can also be found. Some are purely cosmetic while others have a secret purpose. You can find: Tiny and Tall Mushroom Bunches, Bouncystools, and Glowshrooms. Bouncystools can act like a trampoline and make the player jump higher when standing on it. Glowshrooms can only be found underground and are a great light source. Glowshrooms also grant a certain effect when right-clicked on depending on the color.



The Witch Cottage is a botanical structure found in most forest and wetland biomes. It contains an evil witch and their cat! There are 2 chests in every cottage with some randomized loot, every cottage has a guaranteed Mushroom Cap!

There are many, MANY crafting recipes in this mod so it is highly recommended that you use the JEI mod. The discovery of mystical nature is the highlight of this mod, so to influence adventure there is a whole tree of achievements to complete!


Mod Compatibility:

Versions 2.5 and beyond are compatible with other biome mods such as: Biomes O' Plenty, BYG, Traverse Reforged, Autumnity, Atmospheric, Environmental, Terra Incognita, and Regions Unexplored!


All the information listed above applies to the latest version of the mod, most of this information won't apply to older versions. I also will not be backporting this mod to any older versions.