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Multiverse is a mod that adds rifts that transport entities to dynamic, randomly generated dimensions.

1.18+ naturally only uses vanilla biomes but is also compatible with biomes added to the Overworld and Nether through TerraBlender.



Rifts are generated randomly with each color linking up to a multiverse dimension. Rifts may be incredibly dangerous and spawn over void or at a high height so be prepared. Rifts only spawn in the overworld and multiverse dimensions.



Multiverse dimensions generate dynamically when an entity enters a unique rift for the first time. The biomes, structure, and time cycle of each dimension is completely randomly set. The number of multiverse dimensions is limitless but dependent on server configs.

Roofed Forest Dimension


It is recommended to use JEI in order to get item recipes.

The multiversal beacon is dropped from the Traveler boss, which generates randomly in multiverse dimensions on world generation.

The dimensional prism is dropped from the Collector boss, which spawns when the universal treasure item is dropped.

The kaleidite core can be destroyed (i.e., lava, cactus) in order to spawn a random rift. It can also be dropped into a rift to destroy it.


Please report any possible issues and bugs to the issue tracker. For those interested, we host a Discord server.