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Vaults: Frequently Asked Questions

What size can a vault be?

The minimum is 4x4x4, and the maximum is 16x16x16


What size can the door be?

2x2 or 3x3


Can Vaults share blocks?



Can I make a bigger vault?


While the vault is limited you can chain multiple together. You build the first one, then build another that uses the door of the first as part of the wall.


Can a vault be built inside of another?



Are the blocks Wither Proof?


Using the default configs the blocks are not unless they are part of a completed vault (has a door)

There is a config option to make the blocks always Wither Proof though.


Can I kill a Wither inside?


Warning: While you can suffocate kill a Wither in a 5x5x5 vault its advised not to, as it is inside the top blocks and attacking it can push through them.


How do I craft the wall blocks?

If your using default configs you need to pour the walls. (see Bellow)

There is a config option to enable recipes though.


How do I enable the crafting recipes?

Se the value of craftableVaultBlocks greater then 0 (config at: settings/settings-vault)

The number provided is the recipe output for normal wall blocks, all others will only give 1


How do I pour walls?  /  How do I use the Vault Concrete?

Frame out your vault using the wanted Core Blocks (see bellow)

Craft a bucket of Vault Concrete (you need one for each block your covering)

Click on the Core Block with the Concrete


What are the Core Blocks?

These are the defaults for the basic walls:

Normal Wall: Iron Bars

Item Box: Hopper

Redstone Pass: RedStone Block

Fluid Pass: Glass Block (This is a fluid tank and requires a pipe mod to make use of)

All of the wall items can be found in the config at: settings/settings-vault


What does the Vault Corer do?

It allows you to change a vault wall block without deactivating a vault by removing the door


What are broken walls used for?  /  How do I repair a broken wall?

They are used as an alternative to a Core Block, and can be used in the Corer or in the construction of a new vault. When you pour Vault Concrete on one it will also pour on neighboring broken blocks.


What are the recipes?


Piston | Iron Block  | Piston

Piston | Glass Pane | Piston

Piston | Iron Block  | Piston



                        |                    | Iron Ingot

Comparator  | Iron Block | Furnace

Sticky Piston | Diamond   | Piston


Vault Concrete:

Sand Block + Gravel Block + Water Bucket + Empty Bucket


Vault Walls: (requires config option)

Sand Block + Gravel Block + Water Bucket + <Core Block>