Multimeters is a simple mod which allows players to view details about tile entities without actually opening their GUI. 

The idea for this mod originated from the amazing look of the energy overlay made by Ellpeck for Actually Additions.  The concept of how to use a multimeter is simple: if you have the multimeter in your hotbar or offhand slot, you can see the details about the tile entity you are looking at without opening the gui - take a look at the images below. As well as this, you can also bind a multimeter to a specific block by sneaking and right clicking that block with the multimeter selected. Now, as long as that block is loaded and the multimeter is in your hotbar, you will be able to see the appropriate information from that block without even being near it (which is awesome to say keep an eye on your power or something!)




Meet the multimeters:

Currently there are only three different multimeters:

  • The energy multimeter - Crafted using 4 Gold Ingots and a Redstone Block, the energy multimeter allows the player to see the energy inside of any block which holds energy. By utilising the CJCore Energy Compatibility System, the energy works with RF, EU, FE, J, MJ and T different energy types.
  • The inventory multimeter - Crafted using 4 Gold Ingots and a Chest, the inventory multimeter allows the player to see the inventory of any block which has an inventory. If the inventory is empty, no overlay will be shown. This works with sided inventories as well (just hold SNEAK to stop the multimeter from using the side you are looking at and simply the block you are looking at - Note this only works on blocks which have a case for a null side. E.g. when shifting and looking at a furnace, the overlay will show nothing as the furnace utilises ISidedInventory)
  • The fluid multimeter - Crafted using 4 Gold Ingots and a Bucket, the fluid multimeter allows the player to see the fluid tanks inside of any block which holds fluids. This supports multiple fluid tanks within blocks as well as just one tank.

 Inventory Multimeter: Stacked vs Not Stacked

Multiple MultimetersMultiple Fluid TanksMultiple Energy Systems Support

Configuration Options:

  • Players can modify the way the multimeters display their information. The energy and fluid multimeter can be resized and repositioned. The inventory multimeter can change the number of items before starting a new row.
  • Using CJCore, you can change the default energy unit used by the multimeters (the different ones are shown above). 
  • The look of the energy info string can be changed as well as the fluid info string using the CJCore config

Can I use this in my modpack?

Of course! I absolutely adore this mod - it just looks so pretty!


Known Issues:

There is a known issue where the multimeters will overlay over the Actually Additions overlay which I do hope to fix somehow.