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Add MultiBlock Support to GameStages. Using CraftTweaker Scripts, one can add it such that a Player requires a certain stage, before they can build supported Multiblocks.


Currently Supported MultiBlock Mods:

Immersive Engineering


Example Script showing how it works:

import mods.multiblockstages.IEMultiBlockStages;

IEMultiBlockStages.addStage("BlastFurnace", "IE:BlastFurnace");
IEMultiBlockStages.addStage("CokeOven", "IE:CokeOven", "YOU CAN'T DO THAT");

The first example uses the default failure message, however the second one allows you to set a custom message that is displayed to the user when they lack the required stage to construct the multiblock.


To get a list of all IE multiblocks that can be blocked one can call the command "/ct ieMultiBlocks" which should output all multiblocks in the crafttweaker.log file.