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Multi-piston is a mod created by the Ldt-team which also creates and maintains minecolonies, structurize, blockout and armory.

Multi-piston adds a multipiston block to the game which allows you to suck in any block from a defined direction and spit it out into any direction with definable speed and range as well as a configurable max range in the config file.













How does the GUI work?
- Right-click the block to open the GUI.
- Right-click the input direction and left-click the output direction

- Edit the range and speed, exit the GUI via the escape button.

How can I increase the range?

- Max range is 10, until it reaches a different type of block
Can I increase the speed?
- Only up to 3, might support more in the future.
Can I change the sound?
- Might be added in the future as well.
Does it work with redstone?
- Yes, it works with buttons, levers and any redstone input as normal pistons.