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Multi Mob Core/How to increase the amount of spawns in general using MultiMob?

This section will briefly explain how to increase the amount of spawns done by Minecraft using MultiMob. This can be useful for modpack makers if the amount of mob spawns seems low or if you want to make an hardcore pack!


Ok, let's get started. First start the game with the mod installed and go into mod options from the main menu (or through the in-game pauze menu):


Then search for Multi Mob and go into the config options:



Here you will see many options but we are only interested in the additionalSpawnOptions tab! As seen below



Now you come to this screen; I will explain what all options do.


To use the Additional World Spawner to get increased spawns; first enable the bottom option by setting it to true.


Now time to adjust the settings; the first 2 are easy:

- Allow spawning in spectate mode -- Self explanatory; can be useful to check underground spawns; default is false.

- Dimensions to apply spawns to -- Limit the extra world spawner to these dimensions (ids) by default it's 0 so only the overworld.


Now let me explain what a "type" is as referenced here. Minecraft uses these types to determine a limit of mob spawns. By default the amount of Monster type spawns, which is zombies, skeletons etc., is 70 for each 17x17 grid of loaded chunks. By putting the Spawn Limit for Vanilla Monster to 30 here, you will add that number to the base limit; so then the amount of Vanilla monsters that can spawn is 70 + 30 = 100.


Same applies for the other types. By default most mods use the Vanilla Monster type, so increasing that has the most effect on your game. However MY mobs use the MultiMob types, so if you increase those the amount of Primitive Mobs (if installed) will only increase, not the normal mobs.


The Modded type is only used if another mod adds their own type; which not many do.


Experiment and see what works. I find adding 150 to the Monster spawns makes for a decent challenge that is not too crazy.


Tick delay between spawns is important! Do NOT make it 0, first of all. Second it just determines how often the system tries to spawn something. Make it lower and spawns will be quicker. Make it higher and spawns will be slower. For testing, make it 1 so you can see if things spawn correctly. Then make it higher so servers don't overload :P


After some tweaking you can have results like this: