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Multi Mob Core/How to change or add new mobs spawns using MultiMob?

This section will briefly explain how to change or add spawns using MultiMob's functionality. This is mainly useful for people using mods that utilize this feature, like Primitive Mobs, but can be useful for custom spawns for the likes of modpack makers as well.


Ok, let's get started. First start the game with the mod installed and go into mod options from the main menu (or through the in-game pauze menu):


Then search for Multi Mob and go into the config options:


Here you will see all the spawn options you can change for existing spawns! Each option has a handy tooltip that tells you what each option does, so I won't go into all of them. If spawns already exist, it will be easy for you to change them here.

IMPORTANT: Since version 1.0.4 it is recommended to restart the game everytime a spawn is added/adjusted! You can test the spawns; but changes will not ALL be visible until a restart. Specifically biome restrictions will need a restart because the SpawnEntry is added to the biomes everytime the config closes.


If you want to add new spawns; follow the section below.


Go into the extraentries options:


Here you can add new spawn entries using this layout: "Spawn Entry Name"#"mob entry name"

For this you will need to know the in-game name of mobs, like minecraft:zombie or primitivemobs:chameleon.


Don't know the name? Don't worry MultiMob generates some useful files that contain all mob ids. Just check config/multimob/modinformation and then check AllEntities.txt for the proper ids.


See the example below for adding a new spawn for Ghasts:


Now go back to the main menu or the pauze menu, depending on where you came from, so that the config can reload. Now go back into the config options. When checking all the options you will notice your spawn has been added and it WORKS in-game already! Hooray! However you might want to adjust things to make them to your liking. (Remember to restart when making adjustments)


If a spawn does NOT work; it should be visible in the logs which often tells you why as well.


Mobs like the Ghast have inherent spawn requirement; for example Ghasts will normally only spawn in the Nether in large areas and when adding them here, that will not change. However, using MultiMob you can bypass those requirements to make them spawn everywhere! Simply go to the canoverrridespawnchecks options and set your custom spawn to true to disable all default mob checks.


Mind that sometimes this can become wacky and you will need to setup all other options yourself to restrict spawning. For example, Ghasts will now spawn everywhere, but I can simply add biome restictions to only make them spawn in one biome etc etc.


But the most important thing is testing the spawns. Make sure it works like you want. After changing these simply go back to the game and they should already work! 




If you want to remove a spawn you can disable them through the spawnallowed settings as removing an entry can only be done by hand through the config file.