Multi Mine

4,840,006 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you ... Multi Mine.

Skip to 1:15 for the actual mod

TL;DW version

It's so you don't have to point nonstop on a Block, never letting go of the mouse button, to finish it off. You can pause, walk away, mine another Block ... whatever you want.

As of 1.3.2 this mod is completely networked. It works for multiple people on a server, you can take turns beating Blocks ... or mine together for more Speed!!!

Block Damage is limited to 30 Blocks at a time across the server. It is not saved, it does not interfere with your savegames. Damaged Blocks regenerate "slowly" after an initial short duration.


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