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Add Slime Golem to Minecraft. A good ally for finding Slime Chunks.






Slime Golem

  • Place Carved Pumpkin on Packed Slime Block to build a Slime Golem. (PS. reason why I don't use Slime Block is because of I don't want to break any farms.)
  • Slime Golems are completely passive, doesn't have any ability to hurt any mobs. They even run away when get hit.
  • Once Slime Golem enter slime chunk, they will produce Slime Algae on the ground similar to Snow Golem.
  • Use Shear on them will took their pumpkin off.
  • Use a Honey Comb on them will stop them produce Slime Algae when they in slime chunk, also cover in honey.
  • Use a Slime Ball on Slime Golem that covered in honey will clean the honey off and they can produce Slime Algae when they in slime chunk again.



(Slime Golem covered in honey with pumpkin off.)




Packed Slime Block

  • Used for building a Slime Golem
  • Can bounce on them just like the Slime Block, but does not stick with other blocks when being push by pistons.



Slime Algae

  • Destroyed with shear or silk touch tools, drops Slime Algae, otherwise it will drop a Slime ball at low chance.



Slime Pie

  • Restores 2 Hunger and give 1 Saturation.
  • Give Nausea for 10 seconds when eat.

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