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What is Mubble?

  Mubble is a mod offering new ways to players to build and experience the world of Minecraft with their favorite gaming franchises. Mubble also contain unique decoratives blocks and food items. With that in their hands, players are capable of building up the biggest cross-over world of their dreams! Almost every single block and item are available in survival through recipes.

  Mubble is also very open to community requests. As of now, Mubble has features from pure creativity, gaming franchises as well as the Nintendo series with blocks, items, costumes, entities and biomes!

  And the journey won't be over soon, as Mubble will be kept updated for a very long time, featuring more and more franchises as well as unique features!

  Mubble is also available in Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Chinese and more!

Mubble Official Website

Mubble Discord Server

Twitter account of Mubble

Mubble on the FTB Wiki

Mubble on GameBanana


Notable Features

Mubble gives a lot of blocks and items, each of them with their own style and use. Some of them even have unique properties: Question Blocks can give random items, Tetris blocks are affected by gravity, Cape Feathers or Note Blocks allows you to vertically boost yourself... Most of the time, the features are kept as they are in their original games, but with that Minecraft touch.


Mubble Features


Create your own Mario level! A big color palette


Many costumes That Toad is in trouble...


The Mushroom Kingdom The best crossover


The Super Crown The Koretato Block


  • Play Dash for texturing blocks.
  • Mayro for texturing blocks.
  • Cochu for the Spanish translation.
  • FVbico for the Dutch translation.
  • ZYSTerry for the Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Sven792 for the German translation.

Some textures are from Minecraft: Bedrock Edition official mash-ups.


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