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Mr Pineapple's Toy Guns




 đź“– About:

Mr. Pineapple's Toy Guns is an addon for the Gun Mod created by MrCrayfish. This mod currently adds 6 new toy guns as well as darts.

With the guns shooting darts, there's no need to worry about getting hurt with this playful mod.

Being an addon for MrCrayfish's Gun Mod, you can also add attachments to the guns to both add functions and more aesthetic to your toy gun.

The source code will also help you create an addon for the mod if you wish.


Versions below 1.18 require Obfuscate - versions above require Framework

ℹ️ Issues:

Issues can be reported on the GitHub repository.
This mod requires both the Gun Mod and Obfuscate which can be found in the dependencies section or on MrCrayfish's Website.

👦 Community:

If you would like to join my community and follow my projects, you can join the discord here.

đź“Ą Updates and Versions:

This mod will be updated with new content over time so ensure you have the latest version!

đź“· Screenshots: