Expansion to MPUtils


Download MPUtils to Use this Mod: MPUtils Base Mod


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This mod will add new features to make your life easier, by informing players of changes with the in-game change log, and directing players to your correct issue tracker


New Issue Tracker Feature allows users to fill out data from the game and send to the developer in nice formated file. 

Small tutorial to set up the Advance auto send Issue tracker here








This Mod Adds: 


  1.  In-Game Change Log
  2.  Issue Tracker (In-game form, or web link) 
  3.  A Support 'you' button
  4.  New Text Editor used to edit Change log in-game.  Must be in Edit Mode Via Configs or Command.


You may:

  • Use the mod for personal/private use
  • Include this mod within your own pack as long as due credit is given

You may NOT:

  • Re-upload the mod on another site without permission


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