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Re-imagined with simplicity for 1.12+


Note for MC 1.14.4 and newer builds: Doesn't require CoroUtil.


MC 1.12+ Features:


- Ledge climbing (use crouch key when aiming and pressing up against a ledge)

- Crawl anywhere! Sneak(shift) and run(ctrl) at same time to activate (requires installation on server for multiplayer support) (MC 1.16 only)

- Ground dodging

- Knockback resistence

- Works if only installed on the client (except crawling anywhere)

- Requires CoroUtil for MC 1.12 and older


MC 1.7.10 and older Features:


- Double jump
- Dodging
- Dodge jumping
- Wall jumping (currently no limit on how many you can do while in air)
- Boost Dodging
- Fall damage prevented for the velocities that these jumps add, but you can still hurt yourself if you fall too far
- Near complete configuration, open up %AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft\config\mod_MovePlus.cfg for tweaking / activating of new features
- Air control: Better movement ingame when at low speeds, subtle addition
- Speed jumping: Momentum boost if you jump immediately after landing
- Dodge toggle key, default 'Z' (configurable)
- Auto navigation to set waypoints (default off)
- Persistant running: hitting objects doesnt stop sprint
- Auto jump when against a block (default off)


- Needed on client side only


More info available at: http://coros.us/mods/moveplus


You may use the mod in any modpack you like.