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A bunch of vanilla-style tweaks and changes to Minecraft 1.16.x, with the help of the Fabric Loader. Check out my development Discord server for updates! Also check out my Twitch for Minecraft and development streams. 


Shovel Grinding

You can use a shovel to convert cobblestone to gravel, and gravel to sand. Just right-click!

Explosive and Fiery Fuel

Gunpowder and Blaze Powder can be used as a furnace fuel, smelting six items each. Somewhat inspired by tfarecnim's hilarious Blast Processing mod (

Useful Poisonous Potatoes

Poisonous potatoes can now be composted, with a 10% chance to increase the compost level by one!

Compostable Grass and Dirt

Dirt and grass can be composted, with a 25% chance to increase the compost level.

Coords Keybind (client-side)

Pressing F6 will print your coordinates into the chat.

Lava Sand (off by default)

When lava touches sand, the sand turns to glass! Note: This is off by default because it can unintentionally mess with worldgen, i.e. lava pools spawning next to sand blocks. You can switch it on if you like it.

Colourful Sheep

Sheep of all colours can spawn naturally!

No Potion Glint (off by default) (client-side)

Potions no longer have the enchantment glint.

Better Bamboo (client-side)

Bamboo performance is improved by making some changes to ambient occlusion.

Bonemealable Cactus, Sugarcane and Nether Wart

Cacti, Sugarcane and Nether wart can be bonemealed, with a configurable chance to grow per bonemeal.

No More Night Vision Flashing

You can now disable the flashing night vision effect!

Harvestable Flower Pots

Right-click a flower pot with a shovel to remove the flower from the pot without having to break the pot.

Toggleable Redstone Lamps

You can turn Redstone Lamps on and off by right-clicking with a redstone torch. Note that redstone will still affect the lamp as normal.


Almost every feature of the mod can be disabled and customised to your will, with an easy to use JSON file!


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