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📘 About this mod:


mOres adds 17 tools, armor, extra weapons and horse armor!


These new weapons include:

Cobalt Dagger Daggers  

Battleaxe Battleaxes

Topaz Mace Maces


Each of which have their own unique damage & speed modifiers. 


New Shields with unique stats (damage reduction* & durability, configurable in the config file).



Several new metals and gems, that may be combined using an

Alloy Furnace Alloy Furnace (dual input)

that combines materials to make even stronger materials such as: 

Bronze Ingot


Carbon Steel Carbon Steel

Sterling Silver Ingot Sterling Silver

Graphene Gem Graphene


It also adds one entity, the Duck

  • It can be bred and drops raw duck meat that can be cooked.
  • It lays golden nuggets the same way chickens lay eggs.

- The duck may be disabled in the config called 'mores-common.toml'



📖 Changelog:


v5.2.0 - 1.20.1

All 17 mOres armor sets can now be trimmed.

All 14 mOres materials can also be used as trim material for all armor sets, including vanilla.
Added a translation file for British English (was American/Dutch/Chinese before).

v5.1.0 - 1.20.1

mOres has finally been updated to 1.20.1. It still contains all the aforementioned features. The alloy furnace, all the armor, tool and weapon sets are all present.

The autosmelt function that broke in 1.20 which applies to the ruby tools is also fixed.

The config has been scaled down, removing all the configurability for the ore spawning. This is due to the version change. I hope to reimplement this in the future.

As for the shields, more configuration options have been added and they now block only a partial amount of damage, if enabled in the config. 

The vanilla shield windup is now also configurable.

v4.3.7 - 1.19.2

It is now possible to smelt raw metal blocks (tin, copper, iron, silver, gold & cobalt) to their respective blocks directly in any furnace.

v3.2.0 - 1.18.2

The shields are now craftable and can be combined with banners. The recipes for the shields were somehow missing previously. I have also rebalanced their durability. The amethyst shield was missing and can now be crafted using the vanilla amethyst shard. Furthermore, I have added some recipes to smelt metal blocks and I have changed both netherite and obsidian recipes to smithing recipes. The smithing recipe for obsidian now uses the obsidian ingot that can only be obtained by blasting obsidian. The gemstone blocks as well as some metal blocks can be used for the beacon. 
Chocolate, velvet and carrot pie have now been added as food items. 
Added some translations (British / Chinese)
Updated amethyst, bronze, copper, moissanite, obsidian, sapphire, steel, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline & turquoise item textures as well as the amethyst block
And lastly, fixed the damage reduction tooltip for the vanilla Shield that went unnoticed previously.



🙋‍♂️ FAQ:


Q: Will you backport to any older versions? 
No. I prefer to keep my attention on the latest versions. 


Q: Will you keep updating older versions? 
No. I will only update LTS versions (1.19.2+)


Q: Will you make a fabric version? 
Not any time soon, but I am considering doing so in the future if the demand is high.




📖 Wiki:


To see all the recipes, items and blocks for this mod, please consult the Wiki on my GitHub page.

In the Wiki each material is described with its corresponding recipes. It is also where the tiers and values of each material are explained. 

For any questions you can always post a comment on this page. For issues with the mod, please open an issue on the Issues tab, also located on my GitHub page.







I've also created a modpack for mOres v1.0.4 (for Minecraft 1.12.2).

- This is now quite outdated however. I plan to release another for 1.19.2 in the near future as well.

It greatly enhances your Minecraft experience, since 1.12.2 still offers the most variety of mods compared to others Minecraft versions at the time of writing this.




Thanks for 100K+ downloads!