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Animate almost any texture with more options. Texture configuration API.

This means:

  • more possibilities for resource packs
  • a familiar animation format
  • not invasive—better compatibility with other mods

Mob, GUI, shadow, moon, and enchantment glint examples

Animate Almost Any Texture

With MoreMcmeta, you can animate almost any texture with OptiFine .properties files or JSON .moremcmeta files. MoreMcmeta also adds support for new animation options, like daytime synchronization.

Feature Vanilla MoreMcmeta
Animated block and item textures ✔️ ✔️
Animated entity and armor textures ✔️
Animated sun and moon textures ✔️
Animated GUI textures ✔️
Animated pack icons ✔️
OptiFine animated texture pack support, no OptiFine necessary ✔️
Defining animations with JSON files .mcmeta files for blocks only .moremcmeta files for any texture
Daytime synchronization for animations ✔️, with the daytimeSync parameter
Smooth transitions between animation frames with different transparency ✔️, with the smoothAlpha parameter
Emissive textures Emissive Plugin

The Animation Format Guide has a full list of textures and explains all of the parameters MoreMcmeta supports in detail.

MoreMcmeta is a client-sided mod, so you don't need to install it on a server.

Texture Configuration API

If you're a Minecraft modder, you can create your own plugins for MoreMcmeta that add new texturing effects and support for new formats. See the API documentation for more details.

Emissive Textures Plugin

A separate plugin is available to enable support for emissive textures with MoreMcmeta.

MoreMcmeta on Fabric

A Fabric version of MoreMcmeta is available at its CurseForge page.


I am not responsible for any viruses, malware, etc. that may afflict your computer if you download from other sites.

Please help StopModReposts. Avoid reposting sites to protect yourself from malicious downloads, and ensure developers receive proper compensation for their hard work.

Important 1.18.2 Forge Version Requirement

As of version 4.0.0, MoreMcmeta requires Minecraft Forge 40.2.4+. You need to download the latest 1.18.2 Forge version, not the recommended version.

Forge might provide a confusing error message when the version you are using is too low. Please update Forge before you report an issue for 1.18.2.

Discuss MoreMcmeta

Have a question, or want to show off a resource pack or plugin? Participate in MoreMcmeta's GitHub Discussions community!

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