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Animate almost any texture with more options.

This means:

  • more possibilities for resource packs
  • a familiar animation format
  • not invasive—better compatibility with other mods

Mob, GUI, shadow, moon, and enchantment glint examples

What Can I Do With MoreMcmeta?

You can animate almost any texture in the game, including armor, mob, and GUI textures. Textures from other mods that use Minecraft's default texturing process work as well. As of version 3.0.0, you can synchronize any animation to the world's current day time with the daytimeSync parameter.

The Animation Format Guide has a full list of textures and explains all of the parameters MoreMcmeta supports in detail.

MoreMcmeta is a client-sided mod, so you don't need to install it on a server.

MoreMcmeta on Forge

A Forge version of MoreMcmeta is available at its CurseForge page.


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  • Download and install Fabric.
  • Create an installation and select the Fabric version in the Minecraft launcher.
  • Download MoreMcmeta and the Fabric API.
  • Place the MoreMcmeta and Fabric API .jar files in your Fabric installation's mods folder. There are no dependencies besides the Fabric API.
  • Use the trial resource pack to see examples of animated textures.
  • If you're making your own textures, it's recommended you read the Animation Format Guide. In particular, you need to use the .moremcmeta extension instead of the .mcmeta extension.

Animation Format

See the Animation Format Guide for .moremcmeta file guidelines.


See the Troubleshooting Guide.

Suggestions and Bug Reports

Use the issue tracker for all suggestions and bug reports. Please include applicable screenshots and example textures/.moremcmeta files.

Suggestions that break compatibility with the default animation format will not be accepted. However, suggestions that improve the default animation format with backwards-compatibility will be considered.


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