More Culling

A mod that changes how multiple types of culling are handled in order to improve performance

Culling is when the client doesn't render things that the player can't see, to improve performance

Make sure to report any bugs here!

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/SGFDrvA

Head over to the wiki for information on:
What's Culled, Performance, Compatibility, Bug Fixes, and more!

Check out MoreCullingExtra for extra culling features

My other optimization/bugfix mods:

Feel free to contribute to the project! I'm also fine if you use this mod in your modpacks, just make sure to mention it.

However I don't allow clients or other mods to merge this mod without permission, if you would like to use this mod in your client or another mod please contact me.

⚠️ MoreCulling is no longer getting updates on CurseForge!

MoreCulling can be downloaded from our official Modrinth page instead.

Download on Modrinth

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