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This mod adds new mob-inspired totems of undying to Minecraft. These new totems - infused with the life essence of mobs - along with saving the player from an untimely demise like a regular totem of undying, also produce their own unique effects inspired by their associated mob upon use.





1. Exploding Totem of Undying (Creeper): Generates an explosion around the player upon activation.







2. Skeletal Totem of Undying (Skeleton): Gives the player a potion effect called Sniper that doubles their projectile damage upon activation.






3. Teleporting Totem of Undying (Enderman): Teleports the player back to their spawn point upon activation





4. Ghastly Totem of Undying (Ghast): Gives the player the potion effects of Levitation, Slow Falling, and Fire Resistance upon activation.







5. Stinging Totem of Undying (Bee): Summons 5 bees upon activation that defend the player from enemies.







6. Tentacled Totem of Undying (Squid): Gives the player a custom potion effect called Cephalopod and the vanilla potion effect Conduit Power upon activation. Cephalopod afflicts any entity attacking the player with blindness and slowness, and afflicts any entity being attacked by the player with blindness.



7. Rotting Totem of Undying (Zombie): Rotting Totem of Undying (Zombie): Summons 3 allied zombies upon activation that defend the player from enemies and gives the player a unique potion effect called Necrosis. Necrosis allows the player to regain health from damage and poison potions but makes them lose health when they use health and regeneration potions.




Requirements: Fabric API


Curios API compatibility addon: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/more-curios-totems-of-undying


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