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This add-on adds new planets into Galacticraft, which has it own unique environment. Such as new Blocks, Items, Biomes, Structures, Mobs, Machines, Bosses, and more!


Some feature still work in progress and might be moved to modern version of Minecraft instead. Quality > Quantity :)


News About 1.17.x Development

More Planets is heavily work in progress, very slowly process because of internship.

You can follow the development by join my discord, go to #roles and react "planet" icon. Then look at #more-planets-spoiler channel. :)


Regarding Missing Planet

Sirius System will come back, but not this time. I'm focus more contents on the current Lazendus System. Than just adding an empty planet with nothing.



- Diona
Rocky Planet just like The Moon. Mining site for an alien species (Zelius and Glowing Robot).
At the night time is dangerous, Becareful with an alien beam storm!


- Chalos
Cheese Gas Planet, Lots of cheese formed here by an unknown ingredient!


- Nibiru
Infected Planet (by accident) just like The Earth, But all terrain is infected. Blame those scientists!
When it's thundering, Build a shelter and avoid the crazy lightning storm!

- Fronos
Verdant Planet, This planet is in the habitable zone. You can live on this planet as long as you can!




- Koentus
Blue Crystal Moon with the alien creep fragments, odd and unstable gravity behavior.




- Infected Purlonite Slime Boss
Behavior: Same as slime.
How to kill: Tentacles protect any damage source, Destroy them to kill a slime boss.

- Cheese Cube Eye Boss
Behavior: Shoot a Cheese Spore, When health is low it will spawns the Cheese Floater Minions (Glow Eyes and Stronger).
How to kill: Bow and Arrow only.

- Vein Floater (Nibiru Stronghold)
Spawning: Activate Vein Frame in the Nibiru Stronghold by use Vein Eye.
Behavior: Pull the player toward to it. When health is low it can be control the Nibiru Weather, spawns the Mini Vein Floater and attack player with Lightning Bolt.
How to kill: Just attack it like normal mobs.

- Vein Floater (Nibiru Boss Dungeon)
Behavior: Pull the player toward to it.
How to kill: Just attack it like normal mobs.



- Zelius Mob (Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Cave Spider, Worm)
Glowing in the dark and spread Infected Purlonite toxic when attack.

- Alien Miner
Naturally spawn on Diona, Attack by Laser Beam.

- Cheese Floater
Just like a Blaze but more Strength and Damage. And there is a chance to spawn small Cheese Slimes when it shoot Cheese Spore.

- Cheese Cow
Just like a normal cow but produce Cheese Milk instead!

- Infected Mob (Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Squid, Chicken, Snowman, Cow, Guardian)
When die it will randomly spawn Infected Worm or causes the player infected.

- Giant Worm
An evolved earthworm. (Model from old GC :D)

- Zergius
Flying bug spawn in Nibiru Stronghold.

- Terrastone Golem
Friendly golem creatures in Green Vein.

- Terrasquid
A Glow Squid, slowly movement.

- Fronos Creatures (Bearry, Giant Blueberry, Marshmallow, Jelly Slime)
Can be tamed by wheat and breed with Blue Pear. (Sadly it going to be removed in the future :()




- Dark Energy Receiver
Used to make Dark Energy Core, can be explode and create a Black Hole when its malfunction.

- Dark Energy Core
Used to craft Alien Material and tools.

- Dark Energy Generator
Produce energy from Dark Energy, or use Dark Energy Pearl to produce energy.

- Shield Generator
Protect you from monsters.

- Space Warp Pad
Can teleport player to any Space Dimension or Overworld.

- Nuclear Waste Generator
Overpowered generator, Multiblocks Structures machine using Nuclear Waste and Tank.

- Tiered Energy Storage
Collect energy to use later.




- Abandoned Satellite
Contains a chest with Laser Turret protect the base.

- Crashed Alien Ship
Contains chests and meteor.

- Crystallized Mineshaft
Just like a normal mineshaft but with fancy glowing planks.

- Cheese Spore Hut
Nice view at there!

- Nibiru Structures
Village, Temple, etc.



Download Note

GC-XX in More Planets file means Galacticraft build number is recommended to play with this mod.


How to install

- Install Minecraft Forge depends on version of the Minecraft you wanted to play (Recommended or Latest if possible)
- Download Galacticraft
- Download SteveKunG's Lib
- Download mod and put it into your .minecraft/mods folder.
- Done



- Just Enough Item
- Connected Texture Mod
- Indicatia
- Hwyla
- Extreme Reactor



Q: I have an issue / bug / crash / report / request, where can I send it?
A: More Planets GitHub Issues Page



You can use this mod in your modpack.
You are not allowed to re-upload this mod to other sites!


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