More Minecarts and Rails

Now supports 1.20.2, 1.19.2 - 1.19.4, 1.18.2, and 1.16.5!


Wooden Rails- Cheaper rails with a slower maximum speed.

Maglev Rails- Much higher maximum speed than normal rails.

Lightspeed Rails- Extremely high max speed, but can't slope or turn.

Turbo Rail- Also known as Powered Lightspeed Rails, accelerates minecarts on any rail faster than its regular counterpart.

Rail Turns- Turns only when a redstone signal is applied. Direction can be toggled with a right-click. Has wooden and maglev variants.

Parallel Rails- Rails that will not turn. Has wooden and maglev variants.

Rail Crossings- X-shaped rail intersection. Has wooden, maglev, and lightspeed variants.

Holograph Rails- Projects holographic rails outwards. Can be angled upwards by applying a redstone signal. Has wooden and maglev variants, with a shorter and longer max length respectively.

Color Detector Rails- Similar to an activator rail, but only activates if the player is holding (or a cart contains) a rail signal flag. Has a variant for every dye color. Best used with a signal minecart!

Locking Rails- Locks minecarts in place until a redstone signal is applied. Can be inverted to only lock when a redstone signal is applied. Outputs a comparator signal if a cart is locked inside. Has a directional powered variant.

Bioluminescent Rails- Like wooden rails, but emit a dim glow. Good for mining!


!WARNING! Carts moving on rails at very high speeds may act unpredictably on turns and upward slopes! Proceed with caution, and use slower rails where needed!




Pushcarts- Allows more player control than a normal minecart. Has a wooden variant with a lower max speed, and an aerodynamic version with snappier controls.

Mob Spring- Hook any two vehicles or mobs together. Acts like a spring between the two entities, but will break and release energy if stretched too far.



Chunk Loader- Continuously loads a 3x3 chunk area, at the cost of any crystal-like item. If broken while fueled, refunds extra time via Chunkrodite.

Minecart with Chunk Loader- See above. Can be activated and deactivated with activator rails.



Pushcart with Piston- Elevate your transportation to new heights! Bindings for lifting up and down can be modified in the controls. Can be controlled by piston adjuster rails.

Pushcart with Sticky Piston- Everything a Pushcart with Piston can do, plus the ability to snap the cart up by pressing up and down at the same time. Can be controlled by powered piston adjuster rails.

Campfire Cart- Similar to a furnace minecart, but is slower and consumes no fuel.

Soul Campfire Cart- An upgrade to the campfire cart.

Minecart with Spider- Reels items in from afar. 




Signal Minecart- A powerful logistics tool that can cycle through a list of colored signals. Can be manipulated with powered signal switch rails.




Minecart Loader and Unloader- Loads/unloads minecarts directly above and below itself. Contains many logistics options. Best used with locking rails!

Also capable of storing fluids and forge energy/redstone flux. See fluid and battery minecarts below.




Vitric Cactus- A new cactus variant that can spawn in desert biomes and provides new resources. Can only be relocated with silk touch tools. Can only be planted in desert biomes (or in the void in a Skyblock world).

Holo-Scaffold Generator- Holographic scaffolds can be built from it for free with Holo-Scaffold Remotes, up to 15 blocks away.

Holographic Rails are another product of the Vitric Cactus.




Aerodynamic Minecart Upgrade Kit- Reduces drag dramatically. Can be used on any non-wooden minecart.

!WARNING! Apply Aerodynamic Upgrade Kits BEFORE using a mob spring or coupler for best results!




Silica Steel- A new material used to craft a variety of items, like Maglev Rails.

Minecart with Tank- Stores fluids. Must be loaded/unloaded with a minecart loader/unloader.

Minecart with Battery- Stores forge energy/redstone flux. Must be loaded/unloaded with a minecart loader/unloader.

Also, building blocks made with Silica Steel!




Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber- Stores an ender pearl until released with a redstone signal. Outputs whether or not an ender pearl is being stored via comparator. Must be in a loaded chunk to function. 

Minecart with Stasis Chamber- See above. Can be activated with activator rails.

Also, building blocks made from the Vitric Cactus!




Endergetic Expansion Compatibility- Ender campfire carts, an upgrade to soul campfire carts. (1.16.5 only)



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