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Now requires MavAPI for 2.0.0 and higher!



  • Many new axolotl types
  • Custom textures for the axolotl bucket for each variant
  • Specific breeding to obtain specific variations
  • Put Big Dripleafs on axolotl for extra armor that can be repaired with bonemeal
  • Open mouths when fed
  • An "Axolotl Catalog" where you can read about the different types
  • A new fisherman trade that trades you the catalog


Common Questions

  • Q: Will this mod get a forge release? A: We have no plans for a Forge release
  • Q: Where can i get "Axolotl Catalog"? A: You can find it trading with Fisherman Villager (Barrel Workstation)
  • Q: Where is Axolotls Variants ID's? A: The Variant ID's are listed in the "Axolotl Catalog" in the top corners
  • Q: What is the chance of a rare Axolotl? A: It’s a 1 in a 1200 chance for all rare variant