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Warning: This mod is in very early access and is extremely barebones while we are still building it. Feel free to let us know if you find any bugs!

(Project on hold for now)





With a lack of what we feel is a full MMORPG, we've decided to make our own instead! Featuring Classes, Sub Classes, Magic Skills, Skill Tree, Weapons, Weapon Skills, Armor, and more, we hope to bring the true feeling of a full MMORPG to Minecraft!


Classes Coming Soon

 Artificer / Barbarian / Bard / Cleric / Druid / Fighter / Monk / Paladin / Ranger / Rogue / Sorcerer / Warlock / Wizard


With all the classes and subclasses we plan on adding, we want them all to feel unique enough and different enough to where we can match many different playstyles and keep everything balanced, while also adding a lot of new mechanics and gameplay to the game without it being OP. Each class would be restricted to only using specific weapons and armor to lock in those certain play styles!


Upcoming Features

Playable Classes
Skill Points
Skill Trees
World Leveling System
Armor, Tools, Weapons
Compatibility with CreRaces
Repeatable Dungeons






Are you looking to submit ideas or join the chaotic fun?

You can join us over on discord! https://discord.gg/TwzC2r7x2d



Make sure to check out some of Jojo's other projects!
He has an amazing mod called CreRaces that adds playable character races to the game with their own mechanics, items, features, challenges, and more to come in the future!
Boom also has been working on making the art for the mod as well, you can check out her stuff here!
You can check out some of Luna's other projects here!




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