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Please read before you ask or comment anything:

- I will not be porting this mod to forge. But on the bright side, another mod called the outvoted mod, has added this same creature along with other mobs from the original Minecraft earth mob vote! If you want to play with this creature on forge, check out that mod!

- Fabric API is required!

- If you downloaded this mod from 9minecraft or another mod re-uploading site, please download the newest version here before reporting any bugs. Those websites don't ask for permission about uploading and are 99% out of date.



This mod adds Mob A from the original Minecraft Earth mob vote. Although Phantom won, there were many, me included, who wanted Mob A to get into the game instead. This aquatic creature behaves as it was intended to, grabbing entities with its tongue and pulling them down to drown them! 



The creature swims backwards, propelling itself forward with its jaws, it will bounce off of walls it hits and re-adjust its movement. It spawns in all deep ocean biomes except for frozen. It has 50 health and deals 2.5 hearts of damage when it bites you. Upon seeing a land entity in the water (it does not attack fish, drowned, squid, or zoglins), it will reposition itself and swim forwards with its jaws open. When it gets close enough it will extend its tongue and grab, dragging its prey down into the depths. Drowning is not the only way it kills its prey, it also bites down periodically, speeding up or finishing the process (Water-breathing wont necessarily save you!). If you are riding in a boat and happen across one, they will speed up dramatically to try and catch up to you, they aren't faster than you in the boat but they can give you a bit of a scare if you don't have your head on a swivel. If it grabs your boat you will be kicked out of it and your boat will be dragged down to be crushed, you have only a small window to escape however, as one bite from the monster will destroy the boat instantly and it will start its pursuit of YOU. If you are unfortunate enough to get grabbed by the monster, you have three options: Die. Beat it to death as quickly as you can. Or use a weapon that does MORE than 8 damage points. If you hit the monster with a weapon of this strength, it will be knocked out and spin away from you, releasing you in the process. This gives you a small opening to escape or continue damaging the beast. After being knocked out, it wont be able to grab you for a short time and will instead try to bite you.

If you kill one, you will be rewarded an achievement and a new item called a serrated tooth. The tooth has two uses: When hitting an enemy with it, the enemy will be greatly slowed for around 3 seconds but you will take 1 heart of damage in return, the tooth doesn't do more damage than your fist, all it does is slow the enemy. This can make it a useful combo tool. The other use is to craft a fish trap block. Fish Traps can be placed one block into the water so that their top is exposed to air and in a valid ocean or river biome (beaches wont work). Over time they will collect fish and items from the corresponding biome, usually kelp and other useless things. They have rarer chances to collect rare fish and even iron and gold nuggets too. Each fish trap will have a texture change to reflect the number of items it has stored, each trap can have a max of 4 items. To craft a fish net you will require bait, which is crafted with dried kelp, beetroot soup and suspicious stew. CRAFTING RECIPIES WILL BE POSTED IN THE IMAGES TAB! 

As of update 2.2, monsters have be renamed to lurkers and there are different variants of lurkers depending on the biome! The elusive abyssal variant drops a new item which can be used to create a new enchantment called From The Abyss.


This mod also spawns endermites in the warped forest, so now endermites are actually seen in game. This and more can be toggled on or off in the config file added as on version 2.9.


That's it, hope you enjoy!


DISCLAMIER: Original concept for the monster made by Mojang Studios.