Modular Powersuits

10,584,855 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 18, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5   +2

Module Customization

Picking which modules to put on your suit!

Appearance Customization

Each part can be set to 'invisible', 'normal', or 'glowing', and you can customize the colour scheme as well!

MPS Classic Armor

An old favorite returns. This the armor without cosmetic modules installed. (MPS for 1.10.2)

Citizen Joe Armor

Another old favorite returns. Simply install the Citizen Joe cosmetic module.

MPS High Poly Armor

The well known and controversial high poly armor. Simply install the "3D Armor" cosmetic module.

MPS High Poly Armor Alternate

The other MPS high poly armor. Again, simply install the "3D Amor" cosmetic module and in the "Visual" tab of the Tinker Table, enable the "Armor 2" parts to your liking.

Power Fist Radial Selector

Power Fist module Radial Selector by aionys