Modular Machinery

Last Updated: May 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jun 26, 2017

Owner: HellFirePvP


- Added method to set the tag of the last added ComponentRequirement in ZenScript recipe building

- Allow for additional requirements to be required when importing recipes through an adapter

- Improve structure preview to be akin to AS' structure preview

- Allow for optional selector/priority keys to machine & recipe requirement definition

- Allow for multiple modifier definition per modifiers-tag in modifier replacements on machine definition

- Add config option to make energy type displayed on energy hatches configurable

- Add option to define commands to be run on start, run-tick and end of machine crafting cycle



- Fixed blockstate comparison being broken for modifiers adding to unknown default block matching positions

- Fixed localized names never actually being optionally unlocalized to localize via lang file

- Fixed broken structure hover tooltip on 2D preview

- Fixed matchable NBT components (such as greather/less than comparable number tags) losing their data on nbt copy

- Fixed broken Oredict lookup if oredict had no item of the specified key