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Modular Bosses




I am sorry all. I do not have the ability to update this project any further.

Key parts of forge in 1.8 no longer exist in newer version of forge
If you want to see this project updated to 1.12 and beyond,

I would urge you to make an account at minecraftforge.net

and bug LexManos to re-implement "IItemRender"

he will know what it means. 






For use with Minecraft 1.8 with Forge


Modular Bosses was created to introduce large, complex bosses for RPG adventure servers or maps



The goal of Modular Bosses is to have fully configurable bosses that are have as many controllable elements as possible set in the config file.

Configurable Elements Include:

Damage per individual attack
Frequency of each individual attack
Reward Loot (Even loot from other mods)
Spawn Control (Redstone, Timed, Eggs)

This will allow the admins to tailor the bosses, and boss encounters, to their needs and not have to rely on the pre-configured settings and stats set by the mod dev.

Loot for Modular bosses monsters is fully configurable in the config file.


Create a new line for each item between the <> Each line represents a different item.
% Drop chance | Quantity | Item name

The picture shows it will drop:

1 note 100% of the time
1 note 1% of the time.


Item names can be gotten in game by holding the item and using the command:
This even works with other mods items!

The control block is the corner stone of Modular Bosses. The control block allows admins to create respawning groups of monsters that, when killed, will provide a redstone signal to trigger dungeon doors. The monster spawns, amount spawned and respawn timer are all configured right on the block. The respawn timer is not recorded in ticks it is recorded with the system clock, so even if a player moves away from the block and its chunk is unloaded, it will still keep track of its spawn timer.


The control block allows map makers and server admins to introduce MMO RPG monster groups with automatic respawn times. Complete with redstone activation, instant spawn and redstone signal output once all monsters in a group are killed.


Limbo is an "in between" dimension. Certain monsters and objects will exist in Limbo where they can interact with objects and beings on the real world, but the real world cannot interact with them.


In order to interact with being or objects in limbo, one must first step on a Phase Fire flame. The players body will enter the space between dimensions and be able to interact with beings and objects in Limbo, for a limited time.


While in Limbo the players vision with be strangely altered, and their bodies will appear ghostly to all others.


This is a feature planned for future bosses and dungeons.

 The Sandworm spawns a dungeon in a separate empty dimension, so the dungeon generation does not interfere with anything. The dungeon is built out of schematics. So the server admin / world developers can create their own rooms, and the dungeon gen will dynamically pick from them, then generate a random layout with the rooms that they created.


Now when you think dungeon generation and schematics, you think,"Oh great this is going to crush my server"


Those of you that have played with WorldEdit will know, once you start making giant cuboids and altering large swaths of landscape, chances of server crash goes way up. This is due to the fact that WorldEdit attempts to make all changes in 1 tick. So when you try to update 10,000 blocks at once, chances are something is going to be cranky about it.


If I tried to generate an entire dungeon in 1 tick it would surely crash a server. Or I would have to make it so the dungeons are small enough not to crash a server upon generation.


Instead I created a staggered schematic builder method.


This method builds the schematic in configurable increments per tick. So if you have a weaker server, maybe you only want it to build each room 50 blocks at a time. If your server is considerably beefier, then maybe you can have it build 1000 blocks at a time. It is all up to you.


But wait, there's more! You can have multiple dungeons building at once, and it will not beat up your server. They all queue up and build systematically, and your players will be none the wiser. Build giant dungeons without causing crippling lag.


I created a very small dungeon tile-set to showcase the randomness of the Sandworm dungeon gen. Each dungeon entrance and exit start int he same place, but the path between is always random.


 Player Created Custom Dungeons

Modular Bosses comes with pre-packaged Sandworm dungeon rooms in the jar, however if you would like to create your own rooms to be used in the dungeon here is how.

The rooms are schematic files created with a mod called Schematica.

The 1.8 version of schematica did not save tile entities using the gui buttons wo you will need to save your schematics with the / command
/schematicaSave <fromX> <fromY> <fromZ> <toX> <toY> <toZ> <filename>

This will save all blocks (chest, furnace, dispenser, ect contents included) within the coordinates to a schematic file located in

Modular Bosses searches for files inside the schematics folder

Inside the worm folder are several "Room" folders each representing a room with different door orientations.
How to read the room code:

Each letter of the room folder coresponds to a wall. Read from left to right
North, East, South West
W = Wall
D = Door

DDDD = ╬

DWDD = ╣
DDWD = ╩
WDDD = ╦
DDDW = ╠

DWDW = ║
WDWD = ═

DWWD = ╝
DDWW = ╚
WDDW = ╔
WWDD = ╗

DWWW = ╨
WDWW = ╞
WWDW = ╥
WWWD = ╡

After you have created your room schematic in minecraft place the schematic into the coresponding room folder.

Modular Bosses will pull a random schematic from that room folder when building the dungeon. So you can have multiple different types of rooms with the same door orientation. 

 Bosses & Monsters



The player is transported inside the beast when eaten. and will have to fight to find their way to the Brain, and kill the beast from inside!


Monsters Found Inside the Sandworm 


The Brain attacks with bursts of energy every few seconds

At the same time it creates "Sparks"

if there is a Spark near the Brain it will shield the Brain from all incomming damage until the Spark is killed.


The heart is very straightforward. When you damage it, it will become invulnerable for a few moments while it frantically pumps blood to stay alive.


Sparks come in 4 colors

Green - Heals all nearby monsters

Blue - Knocks the player away

Purple - Inflicts Darkness

Orange - Inflicts high damage to the player 

Giant Tick

The Tick, sucks the blood of its targets.
Each time it successfully hits a target, the tick, full heals & increases its size and max HP by 20%. Up to 5 times. After which it will be full grown and no longer be able to heal or grow.

A tick can also instantly grow to max size if it walks in blood.

When a full grown tick is killed, it creates a pool of blood on the ground.

Eyeball Octopus




The Golem takes on the material it spawned on. Works even on custom blocks from other mods
Block hardness is then used to set HP and damage. The harder the block is the more damage and HP the Golem will have.


While the Chorp Chorp is not exactly a very menacing monster, the sticky slime it sprays from its......mouth(?)..... is more than enough to glue down its prey long enough for it to catch up and crush its food under its massive weight. To make matters worse Chorp Chorps Usualy congregate in teams of 3 to 5 near their alpha, classified as a Heavy Chorp.


Heavy Chorps are typically 2 times larger in size than a standard Chorp Chorp.


You get a cookie if you know what game these were inspired from

Weapons & tools

Legend's Sword & Bow 


 Tatter's Scythe 

Developer Roadmap

Below is a general roadmap of what I have finished and what has yet to be done

Roadmap Google Doc

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use this in a mod pack?


Hey make this monster!

Ok, don't do that. Don't just post a bunch of pictures and say "MAKE THIS!"


1) Think of a cool concept for a boss.
2) Find a decent picture of concept art. or even better, make one yourself
3) Think of what sort of mechanics said boss would have. IE: attacks, animations, projectiles, other smaller monsters
4) Ask youself if minecraft could even support such mechanics (this is usualy my job, but keep this in mind anyway)
5) How complicated would the model be? If the concept art is full of crazy curves and fine detail, chances are the model will look like a lump of playdoh. I can make curves and angles, but I am no sculptor. There are limits.
5) Is this boss unique? The biggest reason why I mod is because each new boss pushes me to learn something new. Often times I learn a new trick while making a boss, and think, "That is a cool mechanic, what sort of boss could I make with that?"



Will you make a 1.7.x version?
Short answer, no.

1) Forge 1.7 is no longer supported by the forge team. I would recieve zero help should I need it.
2) Forg 1.7 vs 1.8+ is VASTLY different. it would be less of updating code and more re-writing nearly EVRYTHING
3) I understand 1.7 was a popular time for modders before blocks changed to JSON format, but devs, and players alike need to update and move on.

Will you update to x.x.x version?


I plan to keep the mod up to date with Minecraft, like a good little mod dev. Although keeping a mod up to date with several different versions may proove more taxing than I anticipated, and may lead to some versions falling behind.

Do bosses / monsters spawn in the wild?
Currently no.


This mod is designed with server admins and adventure map makers in mind. To fill a gap in the Minecraft RPG aspect. There are many mods that add RPG elements, but many of them are not very flexible and thus can clash or do not mesh well with each other. Modular Bosses is meant to add epic, high quality bosses to the game and keep them as flexible as possible so that server admins or map makers can integrate them into their worlds seamlessly.


That and I am not entirely sure how I would go about doing it. Maybe one day, but not now. I do not have any plans of implementing it.

When will you release / update?

When I can, or when I want to.


This may seem like a blunt answer, because it is. I am 32 years old. I have a full time job as an IT consultant. I have a wife, a house, and all the responsibilities that come with them.


As with most modders, I code my mod because it is relevant to my interests.

I am learning to mod. Can I see your code and learn from it?

For starters, I am not a good example to learn from.


Feel free to use any code you wish out of my Git, with the exception of the models. The AI of the bosses is not exactly revolutionary or secret, just different tricks put together, but the models I feel are my own, and I would appreciate they stay that way.




I will not lie there are some methods in my code that came from other mods. Such is the life modding as a single dev, if someone has already written a method better than you can, and allows others to openly use it, then why not use it. I was sure to check first and be sure that those mod devs allowed for me to use them.


I do believe I have credited the original authors where applicable and added a link to their mods. If not, it is because I am a derp and forgot, don't be mad, just tell me and I will be more than happy to credit you.