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657,464 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1

Hard to be more descriptive than that. It enriches the standard Minecraft menu with an interface displaying a one-dimensional array of modifications

Mod Menu requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API 

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  • Mod Menu is on maven at:
  • The icon comes from the icon specified in your fabric.mod.json (as per the spec)
  • Clientside-only and API badges are defined as custom objects in your fabric.mod.json as such:
    "custom": {
        "modmenu:api": true,
        "modmenu:clientsideOnly": true
  • Mod parenting is used to display a mod as a child of another one. This is meant to be used for mods divided into different modules. The following element in a fabric.mod.json will define the mod as a child of the mod 'flamingo':
    "custom": {
        "modmenu:parent": "flamingo"
  • ModMenuAPI
    • To use the API, implement the ModMenuApi interface on a class and add that as an entry point of type "modmenu" in your fabric.mod.json as such:
        "entrypoints": {
      	"modmenu": [ "com.example.mod.ExampleModMenuApiImpl" ]
    • Features:
  • Mods can provide a Screen factory to provide a custom config screen to open with the config button. Implement the getModConfigScreenFactory method in your API implementation to do this.
  • Mods can provide Screen factories to provide a custom config screens to open with the config buttons for other mods as well. Implement the getProvidedConfigScreenFactories method in your API implementation for this.

Mod Menu is a mod for Fabric, and there are no plans to port this mod to Forge.


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