This library allow mods to load models in format mcx and gltf


There are 2 operation modes in the library:

- Loading models defined in the blockstate json files (ModelLoaderApi.registerDomain(MOD_ID))

- Registering the models directly (ModelLoaderApi.registerModel(id, location))


You can get back the baked model and the original model data with (ModelLoaderApi.getModelEntry(id))


The format MCX is just a json serialization of a IBakedModel so it simple and can be changed easily.

GlTF in the other hand, it's a complex format that uses binary encoding to optimize file size, allows animations and it's becoming an standard in the game industry.


Both types of models can be created with my 3D modeler it supports free vertex editing, uv editing and animations. There are some screenshots of the program:


For more info visit the oficial repository: here