2,853 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


the Next Update Beta 0.5 comes with the last normal clothings on soon and bring many new clothings before Beta 0.6 a new area of clothing make. This is not the last normal clothing but I will a new area begin what I will faster will make with many many new Clothings of cool games. 


In Beta 0.6 - Realease v.1.0 is my new area in this mod. The "Game Clothing Update".

Behind the Realese v.1.0 begin the Beta 1.1 the area: "Superheros Clothing Updates".


All the 2 Areas have many new Clothings and brings many cool new clothings.


Game Clothing Updates plan:

- Assasins Creed Clothing

- Halo

- Hitman

.... more Game Clothing comming soon. 


Then I bring Beta ... out I will begin with Support of 1.11.2 and will begin the 1.12.2 version in 1.11.2 to support.


I have a Program who I can all your 1.7.10 mods to make in a 1.12.2 Version. But it cost time to make the support to

a newer version. It can cost 2 or 3 Months.


But in this time have fun with this new mod from me.


Your Mod Builder




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