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The mod requires InsaneLib.

As of 4.5.2 and up the mod now works server side only.


This mod lets you change mobs properties through data packs (note, the mod does nothing on it's own, you must make a Data Pack).

You want Creepers that instantly explode? You can do this!
You want Zombies with potion effects? Here you go!
You want some kind of mini boss mob? Keep reading then.


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Works with Data Packs!

Create a folder called mobs_properties_randomness in the data/<namespace>/ folder. This folder can contain two folders. One is for the Mobs Properties and one for the Presets.

Check here for the documentation


What you can currently (as 4.7.1) do:

  • Apply modifiers to mobs, such as changing health, movement speed, etc.
  • Apply potion effects to mobs, such as Slowness, Strength, and so on
  • Give items to mobs, which can be enchanted and have attribute modifiers
  • Events like on hit or on killed
  • Have a preset mob that has a random chance to appear (e.g. a boss mob that has good gear and is hard to fight, with boss bar!)
  • Make mobs silent or give them custom names
  • All of the above can be filtered per dimension, biome, structure, advancement completed and can be modified further based off mobs spawning position (distance from spawn and depth) or world difficulty
  • Change some mobs specific properties, such as Creepers explosion size, or Phantom's size
  • Set Tinkers' Construct Tool materials and add modifiers
  • GameStages support
  • Pehkui support


Older Version 2 (MC 1.12) description

How it works

It's pretty simple: inside the config folder you'll now find a MobsPropertiesRandomness folder where inside you can find the config file and a json folder where you can put your .json files.

You can reload jsons from in-game without need to restart the game with the command /mpr:reloadjson


There's a Wiki!

Now just go here, or click the Wiki button on top of this page, and check all you can do and how you can do things with the mod.

For the JSON-dummies there's a Web App

There's a Web App that will make you generate JSONs without need to touch a single JSON line.
This is heavily WIP: https://insane96.github.io/MobsPropertiesRandomness-GUI/

We want to know more!

Well there you go:

  • Attributes
    You can modify mobs attributes such as health, follow range, speed, attack damage, etc. You can specify a range of increase / decrease, world difficulty can increase / decrease this range too. You can learn more about Attributes here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Attribute

    With this .json creepes will have between 50% and 100% more health, increased / decreased by difficulty.

    	"mob": "minecraft:creeper",
    	"attributes": [
    			"id": "generic.maxHealth",
    			"modifier": {
    				"min": 50,
    				"max": 100
    			"affected_by_difficulty": true
  • Potion Effects
    You can add potion effects to mobs, with a chance and with different Potion levels. Chance can be increased / decreased by world dfficulty.

    With this .json creepes will have 20% chance to spawn with Speed I or Speed II.

    	"mob": "minecraft:creeper",
    	"potion_effects": [
    			"id": "minecraft:speed",
    			"amplifier": {
    				"min": 0,
    				"max": 1
    			"chance": {
    				"amount": 20
  • Equipment
    You can add items to mobs, like armor or weapons. Enchantments too!

    With this .json zombies will have 20% chance to spawn with either iron or diamond helmet. Iron begin more common than diamond. (70% iron, 30% diamond)

        "mob_id": "minecraft:zombie",
        "equipment": {
            "head": {
                "chance": {
                    "amount": 20
                "items": [
                        "id": "minecraft:iron_helmet",
                        "weight": 7
                        "id": "minecraft:diamond_helmet",
                        "weight": 3
  • Mobs Specific Properties
    Some mobs specific properties can be randomized like Creepers Fuse Time or Ghasts Fireball Power.

    This example make creeper explode between 1 (20 ticks) and 2 (40) seconds, instead of normal 1.5 (30). Have between 2 and 4 explosion power and have 5% chance to spawn powered.

        "mob_id": "minecraft:creeper",
        "creeper": {
            "fuse": {
                "min": 20,
                "max": 40
            "explosion_radius": {
                "min": 2,
                "max": 4
            "powered_chance": {
                "amount": 5


Old Version 1.3.3 description 


Any idea, bug, crash, etc. please report it in the Issues tab on top here

The mod is still in alpha, I need your ideas for more randomizable content. Right now is pretty basic as you can read below. SO, any idea is much appreciated.


The mod is pretty simple, in the config file you can change mobs properties.

Right now, those are the features:

Difficulty Wise
Used to enable/disable the properties of mobs begin changed based on difficulty.
Makes randomness based on difficulty you're playing, so if you're a ... uhm ... not experienced player ... you can play in Easy difficulty and the game will be easier over who plays in Hard difficulty.

Difficulty Multiplier Easy, Normal, Hard
 (0.0 to ~2 billions)
Defines the multiplier that will be used on properties in each difficulty.
Properties (that are able to be multiplied by difficulty), will be multiplied by the easy, normal or hard value.

Local Difficulty Wise (true/false)
Used to enable/disable the properties begin multiplied by the local difficulty

Local Difficulty Multiplier (0 to ~2 billions)
Defines the multiplier to be applied to the Local difficulty before it's multiplied to the property


Values as Percentage (true/false)
If true, values in the Stats category will be percentages and not plain values.
E.g. Having a health increase by 50 and this true means that the mob will have 50% more health, instead with this as false, the mob will have 50 health (25 hearts) more.

Movement Speed, Health, Follow Range, Attack Damage, Knockback Resistance
And that's where things get interesting. Here you can change Movement Speed, Knockback Resistance, Health, Follow range (if is hostile) and Attack Damage (if attacks) of every mob.

The format is simple: mob_id,min_increase,max_increase
mob_id is the mob you want to change property
min_increase and max_increase define how much between those two values the mobs will have increased Statistics.

E.g. in the health minecraft:zombie,25.0,50.0 - will make zombies have between 25% (increased/decreased by difficulty multiplier) and 50% (increased/decreased too) more health (if values as percentage is true otherwise between 25 and 50 more health).

Every line must have a mob.

NB: knockback resistance values must be between 0 and 1

Potion Effects

Here you can add potion effects to mobs.

The format is simple: mob,chance,potion_id,min_amplifier,max_amplifier,ambient_particles,show_particles
mob is the mob you want to change property
chance is the chance to apply this effect
min_amplifier & max_amplifier are the minimum and the maximum level of the potion
ambient_particles if you want to display particles like beacon does
show_particles to show/hide particles

E.g. minecraft:zombie,15.0,minecraft:jump_boost,0,3,true,false will make zombies have 15% chance (multiplied by the difficulty multiplier) to have applied the jump boost effect from level 1 (0) to level 4 (3) and make particles be sightly transparent like beacon effects.
More than a potion effect can be added on the same mob type, just put it in a new line.


Hand, Off-Hand, Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots (list)
Same as the Stats list, here you can write the mob, the chance to have an equipment and the equipment.

The format is: mob_id,percentage_chance,item1,item2,..
mob_id is the mob you want to change property
percentage_chance is the chance to make the mob get a random equipment. (increased by the difficulty multiplier)
item1,item2,... is a list of items that the mob can have.

E.g. in the Helmet list minecraft:zombie,10.0,minecraft:diamond_helmet,minecraft:iron_helmet will make zombies have 10% chance (increased/decreased by difficulty multiplier) to spawn with a diamond helmet or a iron helmet.

Every line must have a mob.

Mob Specific Properties


Explosion Radius Min & Max (0 to 127)
Defines the minimum and maximum explosion power a creeper can spawn with. Is not affected by difficulty multiplier.

Fuse Min & Max
(0 to 32k)
Defines the minimum and maximum fuse time (time that creepers hiss before exploding) that a creeper can spawn with. Is not affected by difficulty multiplier.

Powered Chance
(0.0 to 100.0)
Chance for a creeper to spawn charged. (Affected by difficulty multiplier)



Explosion Power Min & Max (0 to 127)
Defines the minimum and maximum explosion power of ghast's fireballs that a ghast can spawn with. Is not affected by difficulty multiplier.



Arrows List (list)
Same as the stats, you can write here a list of effects that will make skeletons spawn with the relative tipped arrow.

Format is: potion,duration,min_aplifier,max_aplifier

E.g. minecraft:slowness,10,0,2 will make skeletons have Arrow Chance chance to spawn with a slowness (level 1 (0) to level 3 (2)) tipped arrow.

Arrow Chance
(0.0 to 100.0)
Chance for a skeleton to spawn with a tipped arrow (in Arrows list). (Affected by difficulty multiplier)


Zombie Pigman

Aggro Chance (0.0 to 100.0)
Chance for a pigman to spawn permanently aggroed. (Affected by difficulty multiplier)



Don't download this mod from any other website than Curse or the Twitch app. It might be scam and might harm your PC. Check https://stopmodreposts.org for more infos.