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Mob Rebirth is a mod that makes it so when mobs die, there is a chance that it will be 'reborn'. What exactly this means is up to how you configure it.

You can set defaults for these, and for each mob, you can customize:

  • Rebirth Chance
  • Chance of extra mobs spawning
  • How many extra mobs can spawn
  • Whether they should be reborn from player kills
  • Whether they should be reborn from non-player kills
  • Chances to be reborn as different kinds of mobs
  • Which biomes they can be reborn in
  • Whether they should take damage from sunlight (useful when there's a high chance that the undead will be reborn or spawn extras)
  • Whether rebirth will drop a spawn egg instead of spawning another mob


This mod can be run as server-side only, or installed on clients for singleplayer use.

Requires Annotated DI (Forge) and Fireplace Lib (Forge)
Requires Fireplace Lib


I recommend using Mod Menu to configure this on the client because that's where the Config GUI is, but it is not required.

Downloads for Forge

Downloads for Fabric



Demo/Configuration Tutorial (Mob Rebirth 9 for 1.16.3):


To report issues or request new features, use the issue tracker. Do not ask me to port to different Minecraft versions. For questions and other discussion, feel free to join my Discord.